sean russell

lighting cameraman

+44 (0) 7711 741786

Broadcast series credits

A selection of recent studio work and location programmes.

Programme Channel Company
Talk shows various Talk TV NewsUK
Pub Talk Mola TV Gravity Media
Farage Show GB News Westminster Live Studios
Mark Steyn Show GB News Westminster Live Studios
Conflict Zone Deutche Welle Associated Press
Palace Confidential Daily Mail TV Westminster Live Studios
Rendezvous with Zeinab Badawi BBC Kush Productions
Newsnight BBC Westminster Live Studios
Follow the food BBC Asoociated Press Studios
NFL Fan rallies/draught picks NFL TV Trickbox
United Nations COP 20-27 Global distribution Associated Press
AJ Opinion Al Jazeera Associated Press Studios
Middle East Debates Bloomberg-Asharq
Sputnik RT Associated Press Studios
Chris Evans Breakfast bands Virgin Radio Studio record
Keiser Report RT Associated Press Studios
Andrew Neil Interviews BBC Westminster live Stsudio
Democracy Now US distribution Remote studios
Larry King & Ed Schwartz show RT America Westminster Live Studio
ESPN international Football ESPN Americas Westminster Live Studios
Political Debates France 24 Westminster Live Studios
KSA World Cup football KSA Moscow remote studio
Buy it Now CH4 Lambert Studio/ Trickbox
Snickers TV viral/Ad Beast Productions
Panorama BBC Location PSC
The One Show BBC location PSC
Inside Out BBC location PSC
Politics Show BBC Lambent Productions
Nature of Britain BBC Location PSC
Spring Watch BBC Location PSC
Picture of Kent BBC Location PSC
Leona Lewis in Cuba Sony Music Back2Back Productions
Gerri Halliwell in Africa UNTV Back2Back Productions
Aled Jones Ultimate Carols ITV1 Back2Back Productions
The Susan Boyle Story ITV1 Back2Back Productions
Paul Potts by Royal Command ITV1 Back2Back Productions
Extraordinary Dogs CH5 Back2Back Productions
Gateway to the Middle East CNBC location PSC
Leaders CNBC location PSC
Who's in Charge CNBC location PSC
Strictly Male Voice ITV1 Back2Back Productions
Royal Babies US distribution Target Entertainment
The Great British Pop Test ITV North One Productions
The Baby Mind Reader Ch5 Mentorn
Body Shock CH4 Mentorn

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All rights reserved

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