sean russell

lighting cameraman

+44 (0) 7711 741786

A selection of the corporate and commercial client productions I have worked with on location and within studios
Production Client
Rio Tinto Seventy Events
Mace Mace Construction
Odeon Avengers Odeon Cinemas
Cineplex Cineworld Group
Market Force Trick Box
GSK Westminster Live Studios
Standard & Poors Westminster Live Studios
Moodys Westminster Live Studios
Southeby's Live Auctions Southeby's / Associated Press
Barclays monthly investor show Barclays Bank
EY round table discussion panels EY
OFCOM ITN Productions
Vax commercial Vax
Diageo Hicklin & Slade
Cointreau mixers Cointreau
National Lottery Flint
Harley Davidson Ireland Rally BBC Productions
Chinook / Boeing Crews Control USA
Goldmand Sachs Crews Control USA
American Express Crews Control USA
United Nations TV Back2Back Productions
European Commision Associated Press
Siverstone World Super Bikes Pirelli
Royal Academy of Music Flint
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