sean russell

lighting cameraman

+44 (0) 7711 741786

APM webinar
Series of UK election leaders interviews
'Conflict Zone" show for Deutsche Welle TV
King Charles III Coronation - German SAT1
Green Screen interviews Kush Productions
ESPN international football show
UN COP27 Meting in Cairo 2022 for US 'Democracy Now' show

My lighting and camera style is continually evolving in response to technical developments of luminaires, LED technology, camera sensitivity, image sensor size & resolution. But the fundamentals of portrait composition and subject placement have always been the starting point.

Whether it's a single camera PSC shoot, a multi-camera show or a studio programme I enjoy working and collaborating on them all and hopefully with a little bit of good humour.

My work experience started as a staff cameraman, then as a freelancer on a journey through changing camera formats, recording media and programme styles which is still ongoing. It has led me to live in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Working across more then 80 countries, now my base is Brighton, however work is everywhere but my home town.

As a former Ravensbourne student I have a strong technical background & can help guide directors & producers through the key technical decisions. Allowing more time to consider the creative aspects of composition, lens choice, camera movement & lighting styles.

Having worked on the installation and running of many location filming events and remote studio builds, I am continuing my technical skills development working with bonded cellular IP delivery, KA sat delivery and IP network delivery including VMix, OBS, SRT.

Operating a floating camera support unit.

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